Access Services

Welcome to Access Services!

Access Services best reflects the scope of our work, our mission, and the students we serve. The name Access Services (AS) reflects a nationwide movement away from a medical model of disability, and toward a social model of inclusivity and accessibility for all.  Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota believes that disabilities are a valuable aspect of the diversity of our college community.

We are committed to providing reasonable academic accommodations for students with disabilities. Our team strives to provide the necessary tools, resources and support for individuals with disabilities to become responsible decision-makers and self-advocates in charge of their own future. We are dedicated to providing information and resources necessary for students to pursue their academic, personal and professional goals while at Saint Mary’s. In addition, we are committed to working with administrators, faculty, staff and students to cultivate an awareness of creating an inclusive environment for all individuals. 

*In this site, you will find information to access academic accommodations at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.